Intelligently simple employee recognition

Find your employee recognition
style and roll with it.


Personalise the program.

Determine your employee recognition style, choose the set-up that will work best for your people and culture. Have a limited budget but want to give employees something personal? Choose perks for your managers to award to their teams. Looking for rewards that employees can choose from? Turn on the catalogue for a selection of brand name rewards that will inspire. Amp up the social recognition settings? We can do that too.

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Integrate with business tools.

Integrate your social recognition program with business tools you use today. Choose a Single Sign On (SSO) from your intranet so employees don't have to remember another set of access credentials. Available using both SAML 2.0 or JWT, it is easy to integrate with a few clicks. Link to Yammer or Chatter and post recognition as it happens. Sync employee data automatically with an API so you don't have to update files every month. 

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Start with recognition then decide on the perks.


Choose recognition only.

Want to impact engagement but have a limited budget? Peer-to-peer recognition is a powerful driver of behaviour and can significantly boost engagement results. Choose a recognition only program with no commitment to reward spend. As the business grows, adapt the program to add rewards as needed.

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Give employees some additional perks.

Create some fun with the program while giving your managers tools to build meaningful relationships with their team. Use our library of perks as rewards or create a suite of perks for your company. Time off to see the kids, fresh juice delivered daily, movie day at your desk, face time with an admired mentor - the options are limitless. 

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Offer rewards that inspire desired behaviours.

Choose a rewarding option by giving employees points that can be redeemed for desirable brand name items from an online shop. Give points directly to employees from the company, give managers budgets to share with their team when they see values being honoured, or give everyone points they can award. The choice is yours.

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Personalise rewards with expense management.

Some managers like to do team lunches, boxes of donuts for morning tea or give team members something the manager knows they will really appreciate. The in-built expense management tool encourages this manager-employee interaction while keeping track of overall reward spend.

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Focus on your values to improve employee culture.


Build real meaning into your company values.

Bring your values to life. Show your employees what is expected of them. Set the standard amongst your teams by aligning your cultural values with recognition and reward. Choose to build recognition around your corporate or day-to-day values. Make the mantras on the wall more than just words.

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Watch employees build their own brand of recognition.

See virtual high-fives and fist-pumps given across teams, departments and the whole company. Allow your employees to build their own recognition culture through the program. Create positive manager interactions, building stronger relationships within teams and empower executives to be better leaders.

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Make recognition social.

Socialise your employee recognition with a flexible, interactive recognition feed. Encourage managers to recognise again, execs to endorse recognitions by giving rewards and thanks, share the appreciation, tag your favourites, or set-up triggered nominations. Socially smart and engaging.

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Effective on-boarding and service awards.


Immerse new hires in your culture from day one.

Build recognition into your on-boarding process and show new hires what the company culture is all about. Choose on-boarding with engaging messages, add perks or rewards and set the expectation from the outset. The best part? Set it up once and the system will automate on-boarding recognition for you.


Recognise the important milestones.

Recognise employee loyalty with fully automated service awards. Choose the years to celebrate, choose to add a milestone perk or a traditional reward and share it company-wide. Pin it to the wall so everyone can share in the milestone and celebrate those that make your business successful.


Interactive dashboards with meaningful analysis.


Practical and informative tool for managers.

Set your managers up to succeed. Place them at the centre of your recognition strategy, give them the practical tools they need to build engagement and watch them step up to the plate. With understanding, insights and accountability, the program gives your leaders an opportunity to contribute directly to cultural change, see how their team is performing and put recognition at the heart of employee conversations.

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Insights and analysis.

Take the guesswork out of reward and recognition with real-time reports and analysis, delivered in an easy to consume format. Share recognition analysis with the business to maintain support of leaders. See which employees are driving your culture, who is living the values, what your recognition ROI is. All in the click of a button.

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Why Saas is right for you.


What is Saas - or Software as a Service.

Software as a Service is sometimes called 'cloud', 'hosted' or 'on-demand' software. Choosing a SaaS recognition solution means we take care of every aspect of the technology and license it to you to use. We manage the overall product development, maintenance, security, functionality, hosting and certification, We even take care of the techies supply of donuts (they like them sugar coated, in case you were wondering).

You access the program online with no requirement for integration into your current systems, unless you choose to. For the life of the program, you simply log in to administer your site and do not need to worry about getting your IT team involved in the launch, the next version, the SSL certification expiring or hosting bandwidths.

We have a feedback loop for you to suggest ideas for future versions so if you have a bright idea, our bright ideas team will review it and see if it makes sense for all of our clients to use it. The good thing is, any new functionality is available to you - at no extra cost.

You are probably using SaaS solutions right across the business today for email, accounting, project management and file sharing. It makes sense that you take advantage of the benefits for your social recognition program too.


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