Intelligently simple employee recognition

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Elevate your brand with intelligently simple
employee recognition.

Happy, engaged employees can make a big difference when it comes to increasing profits and maximising potential of your business. In fact, research tells us that having an engaged team can be a defining factor between you making budget or breaking it, having happy and loyal customers or constantly waving goodbye to opportunities, growing or watching your competitors grow.



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Not just rewarding for


Personalise your employee recognition
experience and maximise your investment.


Create a truly engaging experience for your employees. Give your team more than just rewards. Adapt your social recognition program around your people and your business. Focus your investment on what is important to you with a program that gives you full control


Mobile engagement.

Encourage a culture of recognition by giving your team access while they are on the move, on the morning coffee run or in the office. Reward and recognise anytime, anywhere on any device.


Social & intelligent.

Like your employees.

Work Points Play is a SaaS recognition program that is intelligently social to engage your people and socially intelligent to maximise your ROI. What does SaaS mean for you?


Personalised perks.

Give your employees 'perks' - personalised benefits gifted from their manager. An early minute, free coffees, time with execs, a published blog post, smoothies made by the boss - the list is limited only by your creativity.


Reward choice.

Or opt for no reward but some great perks.

Select from a curated collection of brand-name rewards, offer customised perks, allow managers to expense gifts, or choose recognition only.


Focus on improving culture, not managing data.


Integrate employee data directly from your HRM, share recognition with your company communication platforms, use single sign on from your intranet so you can invest your time in building engagement and your recognition culture, not managing spreadsheets.


Automated data sync.

Sync data directly from your HRM system so you don't spend time putting together spreadsheets. Easily manage your employee data with the click of a button with pre-built API's.


Ready to integrate.

Single Sign On (SSO) and built-in integrations with communication streams you may already use. Create a seamless employee recognition experience across the business, improving usage and ROI.


Admin made easy.

An intuitive administration panel allows you to take care of business simply and easily. Add employees, launch new campaigns, load new content, send a company-wide message - all within minutes.


Real results on demand.

Real-time reporting dashboards displaying in-depth action-based analysis – by individual, team or group. Exec dashboards and summaries to showcase the ROI of the program at the click of a button.


The social economy.


How does recognition drive behaviour?


It’s a good question. Why is recognition so powerful when it comes to engaging your
employees and growing your business?

Many employee engagement programs focus on giving out rewards. But there is another economy that does not require large budgets to hand out the latest tech gadgets or fitness equipment. It’s social and it’s exceptionally powerful.


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deliver social recognition.


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