Recognition only or add rewards with a completely customisable platform. 


Easily integrate into existing business tools with one-click set-up.


Online, secure and mobile optimised to better engage your employees.


Fully supported by recognition experts from set-up to rewards deliver.



Pricing per employee, per month so you only pay for what you use. No lock-in contracts, no minimum spend, no hidden fees.


10 - 250 employees


251 - 500 employees


501 - 1,000 employees


1,000 and more



Same inclusions - regardless of the size of your team.

  • Full configuration options to meet your recognition strategy and company size
  • Extensive recognition formats (social, peer-to-peer, manager, team, corporate)

  • Industry leading social interactivity (congratulations, recognise again, promote, personal profiles)

  • Choice of recognition only or recognition with reward and/or personalised in-house perks

  • Admin portal access with full administration capability

  • Comprehensive admin support through support centre, delivered by recognition experts 

  • Two-factor admin access authentication (primary and secondary admin users)

  • Customisable values, theme, branding and communications to personalise program

  • API options for automation and workflow integrations (including HRM, Yammer, Chatter, others under development)

  • Real-time hierarchy analysis with automated exception reporting

  • Multi-level reporting and analytics on command, from manager dashboards to executive insights and HR analytics

  • Single Sign On (SSO) for streamlined employee access

  • Automated and personalised on-boarding process and long service recognition with optional inclusion perks or rewards

  • Company issued awards and recognition management 

  • Simple and intuitive UI & UX designed to enhance your employee's experience

  • Company and employee messaging to engage and inform employees of recognition activity  

  • Ability to create in-house activities to reward employees without budget impacts

  • Budget management allowing you to top-up, expire and re-allocate, with comprehensive budget reporting

  • Expense reconciliation to track often unaccounted recognition spend 

  • Configurable sign-off processes for financial rewards

  • Third party reward fulfilment

  • No minimum contracted reward volume expectations or penalties

  • Employee happiness team providing full reward support from redemption to warranty

  • Cloud-based platform meeting all security, penetration testing and accessibility expectations


Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I know which configuration is best for me?

We work through a few questions with you about your employee recognition program and determine the right configuration for you. Once the program is set-up, you can choose the features you want to have available within your administration portal. As your business and employees change, you can update the available features at any time so that your recognition program grows and changes with you. 

How much does it cost to make changes?

Zero, zip, nada. You can make as many changes as you like for the same low price per employee per month. Even if you find you have out-grown your current configuration and want to change, while it does require some work on our end, there is no additional cost and no disruption to your program.

What if my employee numbers change?

The license fee is charged per employee per month based on the number of employees enrolled within any given month. If you add new employees, you will only be charged for those employees from the month they are enrolled. If you remove an employee, you will not be charged for them once they have been removed. There is no minimum number or commitment. Simply pay for who you have enrolled. 

How much are manager perks?

As they say, the best things in life and free and that's certainly true for manager perks! Give them out as often as you like and the only thing you will get at the end of the month is very happy employees.

How much do I have to spend on employee rewards?

Technically nothing. You can choose to have a program that is all about recognition with no rewards. Employee recognition is incredibly impactful on it's own. If you do decide to offer rewards, you can determine the value of rewards based on your budget, your employees and your desired results.

There is no minimum commitment and no penalties for not reaching a reward threshold. 

What is a point worth?

That is entirely up to you. You can choose how much each point is worth and how many points are given out each month. The point denomination can be selected and updated at any time from your administration portal. They system will then calculate the points value of each reward automatically. 

If you would like to chat to us about best-practice when it comes to reward allocation, get in touch by email or call 1300 540 432.

How are rewards billed?

At the end of each month, the dollar value of all points issued through the system will be calculated and invoiced along with the monthly license fees. The in-built reports show points earned by month so if you need to refer back, you have all the information you need.

Do employees have to pay for shipping and handling when they order?

No, rewards are priced inclusive of shipping and handling so there are no surprises when an employee redeems a reward. They simply pay with points and the item will be shipped directly to them. On top of that, most rewards are priced well below RRP, making your reward spend go further,


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