Compare how your options stack up.

Not all employee recognition software is created equal. Make sure you choose a recognition partner that offers low cost of entry with all the features to boost employee engagement. 

Compare different employee recognition providers to see how the options stack up.


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The employee recognition features we offer are incomparable (we think so anyway) but just to list them off for you:

  • Choice of recognition plans so you only pay for the features you want

  • A free trial period with full expert support while you access how the recognition program will work for you

  • Simple to launch program with complete flexibility

  • Pre-built recognition configuration options to suit your unique strategy

  • Full administration access to the recognition system - no waiting around for us to make a change, no additional costs

  • Unlimited, free ongoing support for life of contract

  • Fully customisable catalogue of non-financial or in-house rewards

  • Complete choice of how you reward - recognition only or choice of reward offering

  • Value reward pricing that includes full service and returns so your employee have a premium reward experience

  • Automated milestone awards to immerse new hires in the company culture and celebrate career moments

  • Real-time user dashboards with multi-level intelligence

  • Mobile optimised for a seamless experience for all employees

  • Transparent budget management with cost centre options and clear budget views

  • Full automation for data, hierarchy and workflow integrations (API)

  • Single Sign On options including choice of protocols and ID managers

  • Innovation and feature roadmap giving you new features to choose from

  • Feedback loop for features you would like to see released 

  • Complete assurance when it comes to security with network, application & data security, third party penetration testing

  • In-country & global programs including embedded global features such as languages, currency and reporting

  • Global reward services covering 97 countries with no volume commitment