Intelligently simple employee recognition

Recent research in Australia shows that just one third of employees are truly engaged. 52% are disengaged and 16% are actively disrupting the workplace. Focus on a culture of recognition and you can impact these numbers. 


How social recognition will change your culture.

It’s the interactions of your employees across the business, every day. It’s the relationships built through giving each other a high-five, calling out great examples of work or examples of living the company values. It’s your employees letting each other know that they appreciate help of their colleagues. It’s the social economy of thank you.

These interactions, which likely happen informally across your business today, build the culture of your organisation. One thanks at a time. By bringing all these interactions together through a social recognition program, you encourage more recognition between co-workers right across the company. You engage your managers to endorse great examples by adding their own thank you, adding rewards or making it personal and handing out days off, free coffee for a week or any other personalised perk.

Ultimately, all these small transactions between team members add up to a cultural transformation.

And employees who are happy and valued, will value your customers. By paying forward respect and appreciation with your employees, they will extend this to your customers.

Engagement by the numbers.


Engaged employees are more productive, deliver higher quality, are more likely to stay within your business and will contribute more actively to helping the company achieve overall goals.


3 x faster growth than competitors (Lupfer)


41% increase in quality from bottom to top quartile companies (Gallup)


18% increase in productivity (InSync)


Double the customer satisfaction (Kruse)


75% reduction in turnover (Globoforce)


57% better total return to shareholder (Aon Hewitt)


About us.


We elevate brands by boosting employee engagement. 

It all started when a girl met a guy in a bar. But this story doesn’t finish how you might think. That chance meeting led to a job and an introduction to employee reward and recognition.

More than a decade later, after delivering countless programs to help companies engage their people and improve profits, talking to leaders of workplaces that work – and those that don’t and studying the science behind human behaviour (behavioural economics, if you want to get fancy), we looked for a simple and flexible program. One that delivered all the features and intelligence expected in an enterprise employee engagement solution, with the flexibility to bring those smarts to all businesses. One that does not focus on spending big on rewards, but puts recognition first.

When we couldn’t find a one in the Australian market, we created one.

We found a technology partner at the forefront of recognition as a software solution - something that we believe will become the new norm when it comes to engagement programs - so now rather than asking you to fit into our way of doing recognition, you can choose to do things your way.


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